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Rest in Chaos! The new album from Hard Working Americans available May 13, 2016!

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The First Waltz on iTunes!

The First Waltz

Join Hard Working Americans for a screening of the new feature length documentary, "The First Waltz", on September 16th at Nashville's Belcourt Theatre. General Admission tickets are $15 and will include a Q&A with director Justin Kreutzmann and the band, hosted by Nashville Scene managing editor Jack Silverman. The doors will open at 6:45 pm, and the show starts at 7:15pm. Expect to see "The First Waltz" out for purchase October 28th, 2014.

Todd on Apron Strings

Todd Snider visits with Elizabeth Cook in her East Nashville airstream trailer to chat about his new book "I Never Met a Story I Didn't Like" during a special episode of "Apron Strings."

Airs on Wednesday 4/23 1 pm, replaying on Friday 4/25 noon ET and streaming OnDemand at siriusxm.com and via mobile apps.

Why Can't We Be Friends

Todd's collaboration with Turbo Fruits, "Why Can't We Be Friends," is now available for download and on 10" vinyl.

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1iiM0wI
Todd's online store: http://bit.ly/RPKuqU
Vinyl: http://bit.ly/QJfWWQ

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I Never Met a Story I Didn't Like
(Mostly True Tall Tales)
Available April 22

Cheatham Street Warehouse

Todd has recorded a new album -- Cheatham Street Warehouse. Available only in digital download format, you can purchase it now in the online store.

All album proceeds will go to benefit the Kent Finlay Medical Fund. More on Kent Finlay, the proprietor of the Cheatham Street Warehouse: http://www.cheathamstreet.com/history.html

Stomp and Holler

Hard Working Americans Boogie in Stomp & Holler Premiere
Hard Working Americans – the Todd Snider-fronted supergroup that includes Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), Neal Casal (Ryan Adams, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Chad Staehly (Great American Taxi) and Duane Trucks (Col. Bruce Hampton's School of Music) – took to the studio and the streets in the video for this boogie-rocking rendition of "Stomp & Holler," a song originally written by Texas singer/songwriter Hayes Carll....READ MORE

East Nashville Tonight

Hard Working Americans Out Now!

Hard Working Americans
The new Hard Working Americans store is up and running. Get your hands on some limited edition bundles or order the digital or CD version of the album. More at thehardworkingamericansstore.com

HWA: Rolling Stone Preview

Todd Snider Salutes Hard Working Americans in New Band

For his latest project, Todd Snider was encouraged to start spending time with musicians his own age. "One day Chad Staehly pointed out to me that I spend a lot of time with my heroes and avoid my peers," Snider tells Rolling Stone. "He was like, 'I always see you with Jerry Jeff, or John Prine, or Kris Kristofferson. Who do you like that's your age?'"

Read more from RollingStone.com...

East Nashville Tonight Screening

In February of 2013, the Barnes Brothers attempted to shoot a documentary about the lives of Todd Snider, Elizabeth Cook and other touring songwriters residing in the burgeoning East Nashville neighborhood.

They failed.

Instead, drugs and booze took over.

They ended up with:
East Nashville Tonight.
One night only screening and concert with all-star band Elmo Buzz and the Eastside Bulldogs (featuring Todd Snider & Elizabeth Cook)

Monday November 18th, 7:15pm at Belcourt Theatre.

Tickets here: http://bit.ly/1ghkBJH
More info: http://eastnashvilletonight.com/

East Nashville Tonight

East Nashville Tonight is coming out November 19th!

You can buy your digital copy of the movie on presale starting October 30th at EastNashvilleTonight.com.

Then on November 19th, you will receive a link and code so you can stream it - download it - watch it on any device that turns you on.

Enter in the coupon code PARTYBALLS when you check out at EastNashvilleTonight.com to get $1 off PLUS a bonus clip not in the film called “Chuck’s Big Audition”

Follow the Barnes Brothers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook...

High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama

Todd has teamed up with Elizabeth Cook for "Feels So Right" on the new compilation album, High Cotton: A Tribute To Alabama. The album is out 9/17. Read more and listen to a stream on Billboard.com.

Press Round Up

Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables and Time As We Know It have hit the masses and are picking up some solid reviews from Paste, USA Today, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and others. (UPDATED 3/29/2013) READ MORE...

Happy New Year, Volume 1

The 2012 live compilation has finally arrived! The 2000 piece limited edition Happy New Year Vol. 1 is a 13 track compilation of Todd's favorite live tracks recorded over the past year. The record will be available exclusively on the road starting March 7th and in Todd's online stores (CD/digital) on March 8th. PRE-ORDER NOW!

Time As We Know It

On April 24, Todd Snider released 'Time As We Know It: The Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker,' a tribute to his original musical hero. "I've always hoped I'd stay around long enough to get to make a record of Jerry Jeff Walker songs," Snider says. "He's the guy I saw at 19 and decided to try to be like. His are the first songs I learned." See full track list below.

Produced by Don Was (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones), the 14 celebratory tracks feature friends and admirers like Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn, Elizabeth Cook, and Amy LaVere. "We just went into a studio and played about 30 of Jerry Jeff's songs and let the performances dictate what songs would make it," Snider says, adding, "I could've done 30 more." READ MORE...

Nature Jams

Farmer Jason's newest album Nature Jams features Todd Snider!

Nature Jams is a is a high-value, kid-friendly album of 16 original songs themed around the great outdoors. The song styles range from rock and roll anthems to sea shanties, jazz to folk. Nature Jams features collaborations with guest artists such as Brandi Carlisle, Mike Mills (of R.E.M.) Hank Williams III, Todd Snider, Tommy Ramone (of The Ramones), and Tom Petersson (of Cheap Trick) and more!

Year-End Accolades Rolling In

As 2012 comes to a close and the year-end lists are churned out, you're sure to find Todd's name included. So far he's been recognized by the likes of American Songwriter and Rolling Stone! READ MORE...

In Between Jobs

From the A/V Club:

Exclusive stream: Todd Snider unveils recession ode "In Between Jobs" from new album

As we reported last month, singer-songwriter-wiseass-national treasure Todd Snider will release a new album, Agnostic Hymns And Stoner Fables, March 6. In the meantime, we're pleased to stream the sloppy, welfare-funded skronk-blues of "In Between Jobs," which spotlights the album's funny-sad, Desire-and-sixpack-of-Old Milwaukee vibe. (That's a lot of hyphens, but Agnostic Hymns really is a multi-faceted record.) At any rate, here's "In Between Jobs."

Flagstaff Live

East Nashville Instigator
For fans of singer-songwriter Todd Snider, anytime he churns out a new album is a cause for extreme jubilation. Since his 1994 debut album Songs for the Daily Planet, and before, Snider has been slowly and methodically collecting a devoted fanbase that hangs on his every word...

Adventures in Folk Singing
The last time singer-songwriter Todd Snider played Flagstaff was in November of 2004. As far as I can tell, it’s the only time—aside from his show here this Friday—that he’s played here...

From the Desk of Todd Snider

From The Desk Of Todd Snider, VP Abrupt Change Department, Aimless Inc.


it was many years ago behind a pool hall called curlys in memphis
where an early version of the nervous wrecks were rehearsing
under the watchful eye of our mentor mark "hoot" marchetti

the pool hall was empty save the day janitor
who seemed to be a local street drinker
that curly, the pool halls owner, had given an odd job too
he listened to our music for a minute, scratched his head, smiled and said
"yall got that classical funk sound"
he then went on to say that he was a scout for "i heard them records"

man those were the days.
so full of promise and humor.
sometimes i wish we'd have signed with "i heard them records"
instead of MCA...
you know, just to see what would have happened.
but alas, the past is unchangeable
and so we forge on
night after night, song after song...READ MORE

Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables

On March 6, East Nashville's subversive, fearless, rebel-rousing songwriter Todd Snider will release his new studio album 'Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables' (Aimless Records). Last year's double-disc live album 'The Storyteller' earned accolades from Rolling Stone and NPR and his new set finds him pushing even more of society's buttons. "I want to inspire people," Snider says. "I want to inspire them to leave home, to do things traditionally considered wrong. If you listen to my record and vandalize your school, godspeed.”

Recording the album in under a week, Snider and co-producer Eric McConnell recruited other great East Nashville musicians to create a sound that didn't replicate anything they'd done together previously. "I told them I wanted to make a mess," Snider says. The result stands as something disconcerting, cracked and apart from the music of Snider's heroes, and from Snider's own celebrated past.

On 'Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables,' Snider paints a world where begging turns to mugging, where investment turns to ruin, where babies grow into felons, where honesty is blunt trauma. Highlights include "New York Banker," a ballad about the warped karma of the financial crisis (chorus: "Good things happen to bad people"), a love song called "Brenda" about an unexpected musical couple, and the album's lone cover, of Jimmy Buffett's "West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown.”

Full track Listing:
1. In the Beginning
2. New York Banker
3. West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
4. Precious Little Miracles
5. The Very Last Time
6. In Between Jobs
7. Brenda
8. Too Soon To Tell
9. Digger Dave's Crazy Woman Blues
10. Big Finish

Shit Sandwich EP

Okay, buckaroos...visit ToddSniderLive.com to download Shit Sandwich, an EP from Elmo Buzz & the Eastside Bulldogs.

Cost to you? Zero dollars and zero cents.

The Phoner (Uncut)

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