Press Round Up (3/29/2013)

Huffington Post - 03/13
A Word From Todd Snider on Gay Marriage and More
Singer-songwriter Todd Snider has a few things to say, especially on the subject of Gay Marriage, with a special announcement as well. And now, really, a word from Todd Snider on gay marriage and more...
- 01/13
Todd Snider Mixes Laughs and Social Commentary at MIM
“I’m here to give you a 90-minute distraction from your impending doom,” Todd Snider said on Wednesday night, Jan. 30, promising songs, stories and plenty of fun to the crowd at the Musical Instrument Museum...

- 01/13
Stream of Country
After 19 years on the road and almost as many albums filled with humorous and heartfelt material, alt-country singer-songwriter Todd Snider resembles a Texas troubadour along the lines of his hero and mentor Jerry Jeff Walker...
- 01/13
Todd Snider Talks 'Agnostic Hymns'
Bruce Springsteen grabbed all the headlines for throwing his lyrical weight behind the problems of the working class on last year’s “Wrecking Ball.” But even Springsteen couldn’t touch Todd Snider’s darkly comic masterpiece...

Austin Chronicle
- 07/12
AH&SF / Time As We Know It
Good news: Todd Snider's released two albums in the span of two months. One collects songs associated with his hero Jerry Jeff Walker. It's lovingly curated, shambolic in all the right places, and celebrates the Texas troubadour's 70th birthday in high style, with an emphasis on the high...

Pop Matters
- 06/12
Talkin' Political Occupy Blues
I had been sitting in a pew in St. David’s Historic Sanctuary for most of the night, resting my feet and back from a long day of bandhopping at SXSW 2012. I had just taken in the Thirty Tigers showcase. So far, it had been excellent, and after all was said and done, the showcase would stand as one of the festival’s highlights for me...

Memphis Flyer - 06/12
Todd Snider's Second Decade
Todd Snider got his first real break in Memphis, where he landed as an itinerant young folk singer after growing up in Portland and doing a stint in Austin and where he finally went national in 1994 via a deal with Jimmy Buffet's MCA-connected Margaritaville label and his "novelty" semi-hit "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues"... - 06/12
Todd Snider Returns to Workplay
Singer and songwriter Todd Snider will perform at the Workplay Theatre on Friday, June 15. Tickets are available online and at the door for $15. The show will begin at 8 p.m., with Lera Lynn opening. I spoke to Todd about his songwriting, politics and time spent with Jimmy Buffett and Don Was...

Rolling Stone - 06/12
Time As We Know It Review
Todd Snider credits his transformation into stoner-folk troubadour to a Jerry Jeff Walker show he saw at 19. This covers LP pays tribute on 14 narrative-heavy tracks, from the jailhouse ballad "Mr. Bojangles" to the beer-soaked "Takin' It as It Comes."

Nashville Scene
- 05/12
How Todd Snider...Became One of Nashville's Most Respected Musical Exports
Todd Snider was still in high school when he had the epiphany that would deliver him from the varsity football lifestyle — and the straight and narrow existence that awaited him. Nowadays, when the congenially scruffy singer-songwriter takes the stage, he puts his storytelling genius to use...

Art Now Nashville
- 05/12
Todd Snider Gets Heads Nodding and Working
Todd Snider’s intent, in capturing the new Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables, was “to make a mess,” he’s said. And it is messy, this 10-track mix of blues-rock abandon and gospel-y vocal harmony beds and scruffy, strummy roots music...

Pop Matters
- 05/12
Time As We Know It
As origin stories go, that’s about as unpretentious as it gets. But, that’s Todd Snider all over. Few artists in this or any age can both claim and appear to be taking it less seriously than Snider while managing to entrance, engage, and delight audiences with his performances, with his often astonishing songs...

Rolling Stone
- 04/12
Q&A: Todd Snider on His New LP
"I've always avoided the notion that I'm smart because I know three chords and somehow managed not to get a real job," says Todd Snider. "I mean, I smoke more dope before 9 a.m. than most people do in a whole day." And yet Snider has spent two decades writing sharp, sad and often hilarious roots-folk songs...

American Songwriter
- 04/12
American Songwriter Live: Todd Snider
Todd Snider is only a few minutes late for his American Songwriter recording session. He walks in sporting dark sunglasses and an old pair of Chuck Taylors, his hat cocked at a rakish tilt. It’s just after 11 a.m., but we’re impressed the man is even awake, given his reputation as a late-night bard of the gonzo variety...

Boulder Weekly
- 04/12
Todd Snider's Bipolar Spring
Our rationale goes something like this: Hey, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and USA Today have already lauded Todd Snider’s Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables, the songwriter’s none-too-subtle screed against the current trickledown angst consuming an American public being prepped for four years as Mitt Romney’s pool boy...

- 04/12
Stoner Fables with a Layered Worldview
Todd Snider is, on one level, your average guitar-strumming singer-songwriter with varying amounts of musical accompaniment for songs he sings with mush-mouthed intimacy. But Snider, now in his mid-40s and impressively prolific, is also an exceptional singer-songwriter, able to set up scenes with quick, precise details...

Yahoo! Music
- 04/12
The Agnostic Stoner Dilemma, In Person
One of the most talented and adept singer-songwriters out there working, blending humor, pathos and superb musicianship, Todd Snider is a wonder to behold...

Oregon Live
- 04/12
Honestly, Todd Snider's One of America's Most Incisive Songwriters
A conversation (in three parts) with Beaverton-native-turned-East Nashville-denizen Todd Snider, celebrated songwriter, truth-teller and trickster, on the occasion of two new records, an Aladdin Theater show Wednesday and an ever-expanding profile...

New York Times - 04/12
It All Started One Night in the '80s at Gruene Hall
In 1985, a few years before the words “singer-songwriter” were permanently affixed to his name, 19-year-old Todd Snider showed up in San Marcos, knowing only that he had come “to sing"...

The Source Weekly
- 04/12
The Rest of My Interview with Todd Snider
Ahead of his Tower Theater appearance on April 17th, I had the chance to ask Nashville (via Portland) songwriter Todd Snider, some questions about his latest album Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables, his own wicked sense of humor, and his views about songwriting...

The Source Weekly
- 04/12
Todd Snider Gives Voice to America One Last Time
Every now and then an artist comes along who reminds us to look beyond our surroundings and consider what’s going on in this world. For years now, folk singer Todd Snider has been one of those artists...

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